Standing proud: Designing winter pots

With a little special attention, a beautiful arrangement can hold its own through the cold season. We asked Jim McMillen, president of Landscapes in Bloom, to create lush planters that will last until spring.

Evergreens are a staple in winter pots, but here, their bushy habit is blended with tall branches and earthy tones. Jim started with a ring of cedar and pine around the edge of the container, then pushed the birch logs into the centre to create a focal point. Magnolia, seeded eucalyptus, mentola balls and Italian cotoneaster fill in any gaps. “It’s like flower arranging, painting and art all mixed together,” he says. Jim recommends taking a step back from time to time to see how the pot is taking shape. [PDF of full article]

Published: Fall/Winter 2010

Posted in: Gardening