Style destination: Whistler, B.C.

On a trip last June to Whistler, our guide asked if we’d mind if she showed us an up-and-coming area in Whistler called Function Junction. It wasn’t listed on our original itinerary, but luckily no one minded because we discovered the cutest little shops and businesses. Along with some other notable visits, they inspired me to pitch to the Style at Home shopping page. Whistler appears as a style destination in the January 2012 issue! Read more »

Style at Home’s Shops etc: Garden Chic

In this double-page spread for the May 2011 issue of Style at Home magazine, I compiled a list of gardening stores across Canada and garden-inspired favourite things. Read more »

Desktop design

Desktop design

Banish clutter and add DIY glamour to your home office

The project: Designed patterns to create four home office accessories: a pencil holder, storage boxes, magazine holders and bulletin board planners. Read more »