Canadian Cycling cover story: Emily Batty

For the August/September issue of Canadian Cycling magazine, I interviewed Olympian Emily Batty about her mountain biking career. “Beyond the Pearls” was the cover story for that issue. Read more »

Canadian Cycling: MTB in Winter Park Colorado and Miranda Miller profile

For the August/September 2017 issue of Canadian Cycling, I wrote two really fun features. The first was about a mountain biking trip I took to Winter Park, Colorado. Read more »

Canadian Cycling magazine: MTB in Bruce County and The Red Hook Crit

For the August/September issue of Canadian Cycling, I got to write two very interesting articles. The first was about a mountain biking trip I took through Bruce County. I got to ride four different trail networks going all the way up to Tobermory. The second article was about how Brooklyn’s Red Hook Crit can be linked back to the “alley cat” races in Toronto (which was also a cover story). Read more »

Spring Canadian Cycling articles

I wrote two big features for two of Canadian Cycling magazine’s spring issues.

The first article, written for the February/March issue, is called “I Know Just The Place.” It was is a roundup of international places to plan mountain biking or road cycling trips. Destinations include Scotland, Croatia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Italy, Norway, Morocco and Australia. Read more »

New articles in Canadian Cycling magazine

I’ve written a few articles lately for Canadian Cycling magazine. Two of them appear in the spring issues and another was written for the website. Read more »

Canadian Cycling mounting biking travel stories

I have one article in both the February/March 2015 and April/May 2015 issues of Canadian Cycling magazine. In the first, I talk about 10 places to mountain bike in Canada this year. Read more »

Canadian Cycling: Mountain biking in Vallée Bras du Nord

Last summer, while in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré to ride around Mont Sainte-Anne, my husband and I were encouraged to go to the town of Saint Raymond. We added an extra day to our vacation plans and headed to Vallée Bras du Nord to check out the two different mountain biking areas that the town is hoping will attract more riders to the area. Read more »

Canadian Cycling profile: Return to Race Across America

This is my first article in Canadian Cycling magazine. For the June/July 2014 issue, I wrote a profile about ultra cyclist Peter Oyler and his third Race Across America. I’ve known Peter for a few years (my husband used to work with him at a triathlon store in Toronto) and I greatly admire his dedication to his sport and his extreme athleticism. Read more »