Healthy holidays: 5 tips to a safe, mid-winter detox

The holidays can be a magical time of year, full of family, revelry and good will. They can also be filled with temptation, overindulgence and stress—three factors that can leave you feeling sluggish and overweight come January.

Every New Year, we are bombarded with diet and weight-loss information, including a variety of ways to detoxify the body. While it might be tempting to make a blanket—or extreme—resolution to get back on track, Lesley Stoyan, owner of Toronto-based health and wellness consulting business Daily Apple (, recommends small steps. “I usually tell people not to make resolutions because they are likely to fail,” she says. “Doing things in bite-sized bits is usually the key to success.”

With moderation in mind, here are some ways to safely detoxify your body and get back into a healthy routine.

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Published: Winter 2011/12

Posted in: Lifestyle & Décor