2013 decor articles for styleathome.com

Here are a few decor pieces that I wrote for styleathome.com in 2013:

* 2013 paint colour trends Read more »

Toronto Star: Adult lifestyle communities

I recently wrote an article about what’s new and trending in adult lifestyle communities for a special section in the Toronto Star. Harmony Village, one of the places I profiled, posted a PDF to the piece on their website.

The Address: Luxury cars for families

For the September 2013 issue of The Address, a Toronto Star-produced special publication, I wrote an article about luxury cars that cater to consumers with families. Read more »

A wee piece in Elle Canada

Last fall, I headed to downtown Hamilton’s monthly art crawl looking for BOW, a fashion truck that is an extension of a retail store in Guelph called Blush Shop. I got there a little too late, but I thought the concept was neat given the huge popularity of food trucks. I pitched it to Elle Canada and was assigned a small piece to accompany a package in the magazine about the changing face of retail in the April 2013 issue.

My first pieces in Glow magazine

For the May 2013 issue of Glow, I interviewed a pharmacist and a nutritionist for the Health Decoder section of Glow magazine. They may have been small Q&As, but I was also a part of the contributor’s page!

Spring trends at Style at Home

I had a few spring articles published on styleathome.com, which was great timing since I moved into a new house this past fall. I’ve been collecting lots of analog (magazine tear-outs) and digital inspiration. And these articles helped me hone in on the latest trends: Read more »

Feeling at home at Canadian Home Workshop

Since September (2011), I’ve been working part-time at Canadian Home Workshop magazine as the “acting” associate editor. It’s great working with the old gang as I worked on the CHW website when it was still owned by Transcontinental Media. I look after Shoptalk, the front-of-book section, which has been really interesting, as one day I’ll be interviewing construction workers in Nunavut and researching eco-friendly building materials and the next I’m proofing cool woodworking projects and editing tool reviews. Read more »

2012 paint colour trends

From an ode to Mother Nature with earth tones and blues, to bright, candy colours that are meant to express optimism in our ever-changing world, 2012 paint trends provide a delightful rainbow of choice to those of us who want to refresh a room. Somber sophistication squares off with rich, vibrant pastels. And what’s clear is that there is no right answer when it comes to the palette you choose for your home. You can select your paint palette based on your current mood or your enduring design aesthetic. Either way, 2012 might just be the year to shake things up. Check out the following paint companies’ picks to see what they’ve identified as key looks for the coming year. [read full article] Read more »

Healthy holidays: 5 tips to a safe, mid-winter detox

The holidays can be a magical time of year, full of family, revelry and good will. They can also be filled with temptation, overindulgence and stress—three factors that can leave you feeling sluggish and overweight come January. Read more »

The big sleep: 5 steps to a better night’s sleep

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? If you can’t remember, then you may be sleep-deprived, like the 58 per cent of Canadians who say they often feel tired. In a recent study by Leger Marketing for CBC News, it was revealed that six out of 10 Canadians get about one hour less shut-eye than the six to eight hours we are told we need. Read more »

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