Bathroom trends 2009

From sleek modern looks, to retro style, here’s what’s new if you want to redo your bathroom

As the stresses of your hectic life and economic doom and gloom trigger the nesting instinct, include the bathroom in your plans to style an at-home oasis of calm. More and more, bathrooms are being designed as a place of solace — a spa-like environment where you can retreat from the world. “Bathroom trends for 2009 are all about evoking that Zen feeling with eco-friendly products and green-inspired materials, as well as that cosy and luxurious feeling of a boutique hotel experience,” says interior designer Dvira Ovadia of Toronto. “Bathrooms are now looked upon as a space to escape to and seek peace and relaxation.” [read full article]

Published: February 2009

Posted in: Lifestyle & Décor