Anatomy of an Olympic bouquet

What’s in the bright green bouquets that make it onto the podium with the medal-winning athletes?

In those first minutes of pride, glory and disbelief, Olympic champions bask in their achievement and receive a bouquet before being whisked off for interviews and everything else a medalist does after winning an international competition. On the podium, the winners receive a second bouquet, which becomes immortalized in photos seen around the world. We all know how long and difficult the journey to the podium is for the athletes, but it turns out the journey from garden to podium is also an arduous process.

The hand-tied bouquets were conceived by June Strandberg of Just Beginnings Flowers in Surrey, B.C. and Margitta Schulz, owner of Margitta’s Flower Boutique in North Vancouver. [read full article]

Published: February 2010

Posted in: Gardening, Lifestyle & Décor