5 diets that don’t work

From South Beach to the Master Cleanse, diets that help you drop pounds in a hurry may seem appealing–but will set you up for failure. Here are five quick-fix diets that don’t work

For anyone who has ever struggled with their weight, there is always a new diet readily available, offering quick results. But what many don’t realize is that these fad diets are often just quick fixes that don’t set the dieter up for long-term success. Thus begins the wicked pendulum swing of yo-yo dieting. “Diets that don’t target an individual’s eating habits and behaviour and give them the tools to change, that by definition is an unfair approach and an unfair diet,” says Dr. David Macklin, a family physician as well as the founder and president of Weightcare, a company that tailors weight-loss programs for clients using a multi-disciplinary approach. [read full article]

Published: November 2010

Posted in: Health