Toronto Star: Fall décor and gardening articles

This fall, I’ve written several décor pieces for various special sections in the Toronto Star. The first two appeared September 3 in a section called Your New Home.

For my first article, I interviewed paint legend Annie Sloan Q&A style. For the second piece, I featured a beach-inspired bathroom renovation created by Rebecca Hay of Rebecca Hay Designs, whose work has appeared on HGTV’s Income Property, among others. I’ll post a link to the PDFs as soon as I get them.

My  next articles appeared in a Restyle Your Home section that was published Thursday, October 13. My articles for that section included:

* A Q&A with Michelle Slatalla, editor of and author of the new book by the same name. I met Slatalla who was the keynote speaker at an influencer summit I attended earlier this year at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm.

* A product roundup, featuring décor items that will keep you cosy in the fall, both indoors and out.

* An article about extending your growing season with a cold frame. It featured a photo of the cold frame I designed using an old window for my book Raised Bed Revolution.

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