My blog: The Budding Gardener

My blog: The Budding Gardener

Since 2008 I have been writing a novice gardening blog called The Budding Gardener on Coined by former Canadian Gardening editor-in-chief Aldona Satterthwaite, it was created as a column of sorts where I would write about all my adventures in the garden. As someone who is new to gardening, everything is still fun and fascinating and fresh to me.

Update fall 2010: The blogs were consolidated to allow for multiple bloggers. I will still be blogging as a novice gardener, however my posts will exist as part of the larger blog network.

Here is my blog bio as it used to appear (see update above) on

Five years ago I bought a cute little bungalow (I like to refer to it as a cottage) with a pretty decent front and backyard—my own little paradise in the city. Since we moved in winter, my first summer was a game of waiting to see what sprouted up–and then trying to figure out if it was plant or weed. What a learning experience it has been—and sometimes an overwhelming one—as I often look around my yard trying to figure out what area needs my TLC first! I’ve discovered that puttering around in my garden is so calming and a nice retreat from my busy life—when my busy life (and the weather) don’t interrupt my plans to garden! Though I wistfully aspire to perfection, I am comfortable with the fact that my gardens are a work in progress—they inspire me to learn more about gardening techniques and plants—and how not to kill them.

This blog will allow me to share my gardening adventures—trial and error, successes and disappointments. I hope to inspire other budding gardeners to grab a pair of gloves and start playing in the dirt!

* Please note that no longer exists, so I’ve had to remove the links.

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