Bulb-planting tips from the Keukenhof

My 2010 trip to the Keukenhof in Holland continues to inspire. This fall, as I was trying to think of where to plant my bulbs in my new gardens, I looked to the photos I had taken at the Keukenhof for ideas. This led to a slideshow of tips that I published on the Canadian Gardening website. Read more »

The big sleep: 5 steps to a better night’s sleep

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? If you can’t remember, then you may be sleep-deprived, like the 58 per cent of Canadians who say they often feel tired. In a recent study by Leger Marketing for CBC News, it was revealed that six out of 10 Canadians get about one hour less shut-eye than the six to eight hours we are told we need. Read more »

Modern and traditional planting inspiration at Reford Gardens

In the summer of 2010, I toured Maritime Quebec. As a garden writer, the highlight for me was a trip to Reford Gardens. What I loved about this property was the contrast between the traditional gardens, conceived by the feisty Elsie Reford, and the innovative concepts presented in the International Garden Festival space. Read more »

Green envy

Watching container connoisseur Paul Zammit put together an arrangement is like observing an artist at work—plants in a range of green hues are his medium. A walk around the property that he shares with his partner and fellow gardener Uli Havermann in Toronto reveals a keen eye for combining texture, shape and a bold aesthetic. Pops of colour in the form of purple, bronze and chartreuse are interspersed among a lush, green canvas of perennials, along with terracotta pots that Paul enthusiastically collects. [read full article] Read more »

Style at Home’s Shops etc: Garden Chic

In this double-page spread for the May 2011 issue of Style at Home magazine, I compiled a list of gardening stores across Canada and garden-inspired favourite things. Read more »

A walk through the Keukenhof

Experience acres of multi-coloured, spring-flowering bulbs at this magical flower park

I’m standing at the gates to the Keukenhof, listening to the cheerful, tinkling sounds of a barrel organ. This colourful park with its extensive gardens is home to over seven million flowering bulbs. And it’s my very reason for being in Holland. My visit falls between the opening and closing of the Keukenhof—a short window of bloom-filled opportunity that lasts from about the third week of March until almost the end of May. (This year, it’s open from March 24 to May 20.) I set off with my guide, Elisabeth, eager to put my new camera to work. [read full article] Read more »

Highlights from Canada Blooms 2011

From blossoms and bulbs, to eco-friendly landscaping, this year’s show provided endless inspiration for gardeners Read more »

How to stock a healthy pantry

We all know what it’s like to get in the door after a busy day and have no clue what to eat. But if you stock a well-organized pantry, you’ll find that throwing meals together is much easier when you have the right ingredients at hand. Read more »

10 hot trends from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We thought it might be hard for landscape designer Robert Myers to encapsulate the gold-medal winning garden he designed for the 2010 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in just one word. How do you describe something that is at once lively and peaceful, colourful and monochromatic, wild and orderly? When he answered “elegant” we were a bit surprised, but as we explored the elements of his design—one where even the shadows were planned—we had to agree. [read full article] Read more »

Reader’s Digest online: 10 reasons to visit Quebec in winter

Lately, you may have been idly surfing around for package deals that will allow you to escape to a beach. But before you book your vacation, consider the fun you could have a bit closer to home. Quebec, for example, is a province that embraces winter to the fullest—there is even a whole carnival dedicated to the season. Though you may not be able to pack as lightly–long johns and a really warm jacket are a must–you will experience enough unique adventures that you may start to welcome winter each year instead of dreading its arrival. Read more »

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