Gardening tips to help you avoid last year’s mistakes

For this article I interviewed Paul Zammit, the director of horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden for ways to improve you garden. Read more »

My first pieces in Glow magazine

For the May 2013 issue of Glow, I interviewed a pharmacist and a nutritionist for the Health Decoder section of Glow magazine. They may have been small Q&As, but I was also a part of the contributor’s page!

Get Growing in Canadian Living

I’m so excited to start off the new year with my first article in the January issue of Canadian Living magazine. I created festive, hanging terrariums and provided the how-to steps. Another piece about Boson ferns appeared on the opening page of the Home & Garden section for the March issue. Read more »

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Japan

A few years ago, my sister was teaching English in Japan, so my parents and I decided to visit over the Christmas holidays. I had always wanted to tell the story of our interesting New Year’s Eve. We ended up visiting both a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine and I really felt the juxtaposition between the two was worth writing about. I was able to write a blog post about the experience for Travel+Escape. Read more »

Writing for Reader’s Digest

Starting with the October issue, I’ve started writing gardening content for Reader’s Digest magazine. I’m not able to post the layout for copyright purposes, but I am allowed to post the text… Read more »

On T+E: Saving coral and sea turtles in the Florida Keys

At the end of August, I headed to the Florida Keys to explore various volunteer opportunities. My trip was cut short when Tropical Storm Isaac turned into a hurricane warning and all visitors were faced with a mandatory evacuation. Luckily I was still able to write a bit about my visit, including these two posts for Travel+Escape: Read more »

Travel+Escape: July posts take you across Canada

I gathered a few summertime ideas for some Travel+Escape posts:

A visit to the ice age: My trip to the Garden of the Glaciers in Baie Comeau, QC. Read more »

A restaurant that celebrates moms all year round

Two years ago this spring, I was tiptoeing through the tulips in Holland. I spent an extra-long weekend in Amsterdam, exploring the city as well as the Keukenhof. While I was there, I ate at this wonderful restaurant called Moeders. Moeders means “mothers” in Dutch and the whole funky interior is devoted to moms around the world. Here’s my latest blog post from Travel + Escape: Celebrating Mom Amsterdam-style. Read more »

Two new gardening pieces on

I had two articles published on this past April.

10 new gardening accessories and tools was fun because I got to choose more high-end pieces than I would recommend on Read more »

Spring trends at Style at Home

I had a few spring articles published on, which was great timing since I moved into a new house this past fall. I’ve been collecting lots of analog (magazine tear-outs) and digital inspiration. And these articles helped me hone in on the latest trends: Read more »

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