Gardening tips to help you avoid last year’s mistakes

For this article I interviewed Paul Zammit, the director of horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden for ways to improve you garden. Read more »

Get Growing in Canadian Living

I’m so excited to start off the new year with my first article in the January issue of Canadian Living magazine. I created festive, hanging terrariums and provided the how-to steps. Another piece about Boson ferns appeared on the opening page of the Home & Garden section for the March issue. Read more »

Writing for Reader’s Digest

Starting with the October issue, I’ve started writing gardening content for Reader’s Digest magazine. I’m not able to post the layout for copyright purposes, but I am allowed to post the text… Read more »

Two new gardening pieces on

I had two articles published on this past April.

10 new gardening accessories and tools was fun because I got to choose more high-end pieces than I would recommend on Read more »

Kauai casts its spell: The Limahuli Garden and Preserve

My trip to Hawaii with my husband and two of our best friends (and their two kiddies) was purely for pleasure. Even if I wasn’t working for, the Limahuli Garden and Preserve would have been on my itinerary. However that magical day is still on my mind and in my photo album, so it was inevitable that I talk about it somewhere. Here’s the first mention on Travel + Escape: Garden Green Hawaii. Read more »

Speaking at Canada Blooms

In January, I was asked to represent Canadian Gardening magazine at Canada Blooms. I appeared on the HGTV Celebrity Stage on two different days, speaking about 2012 gardening trends. It was a fantastic learning experience and I received some fabulous feedback from esteemed colleagues. Read more »

Are you going to Floriade?

I am. With my mom. One day I mentioned that I really wanted to go to Floriade to write about it for The next thing I know, we’re booking seats on KLM for April. Read more »

Redesigning the Toronto Botanical Garden website

Last summer (2011), I was honoured to consult on Toronto Botanical Garden’s website redesign. I worked with a fabulous team and I’m so proud of the end result!

Bulb-planting tips from the Keukenhof

My 2010 trip to the Keukenhof in Holland continues to inspire. This fall, as I was trying to think of where to plant my bulbs in my new gardens, I looked to the photos I had taken at the Keukenhof for ideas. This led to a slideshow of tips that I published on the Canadian Gardening website. Read more »

Modern and traditional planting inspiration at Reford Gardens

In the summer of 2010, I toured Maritime Quebec. As a garden writer, the highlight for me was a trip to Reford Gardens. What I loved about this property was the contrast between the traditional gardens, conceived by the feisty Elsie Reford, and the innovative concepts presented in the International Garden Festival space. Read more »

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